Welcome to Educenvirons Kenya Limited

Educenvirons Kenya Limited is a leading multidisciplinary consultancy services company committed to driving sustainable practices and fostering positive change.

With expertise in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Strategic Planning, Corporate Training, Capacity Building, Social Engagements, and Hospitality Services, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Our team of highly skilled professionals, equipped with extensive experience in various professional fields, ensures that we deliver exceptional outcomes and make a meaningful impact on the environment and society.

What we do

Climate Adaptation Strategies

Climate Adaptation Strategies encompass a range of actions designed to manage and…

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Environmental Impact Assessment (E.I.A)

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Consultancy is a specialized service offered by Educenvirons…

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a vital process that organizations undertake to define their…

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Proposal and Report writing

Proposal and report writing are essential skills for effectively communicating ideas, presenting…

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Corporate training and capacity building

Corporate training and capacity building are critical components of organizational development and…

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Hospitality services

Hospitality services encompass a wide range of offerings that aim to provide…

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Social Research

Social research is a systematic investigation conducted to gain knowledge and understanding…

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Land preservation Advocacy and registration

Land preservation advocacy and registration are crucial components of safeguarding and conserving…

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